Monday, April 13, 2015

Linux - 4.0 Kernel Working Well

It's working fine for me.  I wonder if they have the alx bug fixed now.  3.9.3  activated that bug and I was waiting for the next version, but it hasn't come yet.  It's my laptop with the funny ethernet card.  I'll wait until 4.0.1  Right now I'm running 3.2 which runs great.

I am always amazed how these old bugs keep reappearing.  It shows that running on old hardware is a bitch, and it's only if a lot of people have that hardware, that it gets fixed right away.  Linux is the best for old hardware.  I just noticed that Apple has a horrible bug, but they say it's 'too hard' to fix the old versions of the operating system, and it seems the same effort (none!) to run the new OS on the older hardware.  It's no sweat off their knees, everybody should just buy new hardware every year!

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