Friday, March 20, 2015

The Physics of Oklahoma Earthquake Suppression - Part 6

Everything is California

Now I go to the large scale to totally shatter the usgus physics hypothesis.  Note that if you cornered them on Dr. Phil, they would say that they made no such hypothesis.  That's like a teenager saying "I didn't totally wreck the car, here's the steering wheel."  I am putting forward their implied hypothesis, but all politically-muzzled science is run this way now.  :(

The usgus puts forward that the faults themselves are stress wave generators, and have the storage of energy.  Thus, when a faults goes, it sends out increased stress, and may trigger other earthquakes that are near to rupture.

So, they are fault-centric, and I am bulk-centric.  That is, the bulk carries the energy, and the faults react to that, mainly through stress relief.  In 'Everything is California' (eic), stress slowly accumulates on the faults, and then they release, in a manner called the 'Elastic rebound theory', not changed since 1900.  EIC can be proven true or false by a simple observation in OK (I'm cheating since I already know the answer, but bear with me).

EIC is rendered false by the observation that a large event totally stops all minor activity for at least a day.

Now for what really happens.  The whole OK zone acts as a single organism because it is composed of discrete elements near failure.  Discrete element modelling is most fun ever!  Once you have it set up, the tiniest movement on one element can have far-reaching effects on the whole zone.  The best physical analogue is that of a pile of sand that is being slowly fed from the top.  You could watch that forever!

So, the behaviour of the whole OK is a pile of sand.  You get all the little activity, then one big one.  The big one relieves the stress for the whole zone, and everything stops, just like the sand after a big slip.

In summary, for this whole long series is that usgus physics is proven wrong and I'm right.  :)  None of this matters since the usgus denies having a hypothesis.  They will go on being supreme gods.  But all the local authorities that follow them will have their noses burnt.  They will reduce the rate of injection and it will have no effect if the injectors secretly change the mix.  Big earthquakes are in the future, but I'm not predicting nothing.  

Now, this is final!  Phew!


Gus83 said...

Wow, quite the venting. I hope you feel better. Wasn't there also military testing on injections to purposely cause earthquakes after WWII? Regardless of the theory, I hope this stupidity stops. I'm more concerned with this than the Bruce Deep Thing.

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Harold Asmis said...

Writing these things is a strange compulsion. That law suit says that the new rules are unscientific. Ha, nobody knows the meaning of that word. :)

I know, the Bruce thing will take care of itself, but in OK they are toying with an M7+, which will spill the high-rise fish tanks in To.

Anonymous said...

Two people reading. Nice!

Harold Asmis said...

Double yeah!