Thursday, March 26, 2015

Replace all your mechanical old clocks with quartz

We, who love old clocks, have waited for this moment.  Who can remember to wind at the exact same time every day?  Even if you do, the time varies wildly with the weather.  The mechanisms are beautiful and I started my path to engineering fixing these things when I was a kid.

That's why you carefully preserve the mechanism for your grandkids to put it back if they want.  They'll soon take it out again.  The new quartz guts have a perfect tone, choice of chimes, volume control and night silence.  All the things you wanted when you first brought one of these things home.

In Canada, choose Craftime Clockery for your quartz mechanism.  All you really have to choose is the shaft length.  For example, this clock was 3/4 inch, and another one was 1/4 inch.  I chose the speaker version, instead of actual striking chimes.  The sound is beautiful.  And you can rely on the time!  And free hands.

ps.  not a penny from these guys -- darn.  I never get anything.  :(

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