Thursday, March 12, 2015

Oklahoma M4.1 earthquake - world's lowest PGV

In 8 minutes, they got 5 responses, barely felt.  If this holds up, this will the weakest M4.1 in the history of shakies.  On the other hand, the sucker must be deep, which is amazing for injection earthquakes.  I'll wait.  This will get the usgus discount before the okie discount.

Update:  Still holding up as the invisible M4.1.  They even have a beachball, which they never do for this size.

Completely normal, which accounts for a lowering of Intensity, but not by this much.  This has to be very deep, which means things are activating down to the Moho.  A 7 anyone?

Update2:  Remember we must compare it to a recent M4.0 earthquake at the same spot.

Update3:  OGS puts it at M3.7, so maybe its the usgus that is looney.

Update4:  usgus discounts it to 3.9

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