Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Oklahoma earthquake - both USGS and OGS agree over M4

USGS has it as M4.2 and OGS has M4.1.  This is a hard one to call for me, but I would say it is a shallow strike-slip.  An Intensity of 6 makes sure the magnitudes will stick.

Very small felt area, but intense.  The elongation makes it shear.  Had this been a M4.2 shallow thrust, I think we would have reached an new intensity.  This event seems to bring to an end the intense chatter that's been going on for the last few days, although there could be some more larger events.

This earthquake now makes the area a 'red light'.  Can't wait to see what that means!

Update:  Looks like this event has stopped everything cold.  Don't forget that the usgus model "Everything is California" would predict that such an event would trigger a burst of activity - the exact opposite.

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