Monday, March 2, 2015

Linux - Mediawiki on Apache

I am continuing trying to set up a Tor web site.  As you recall, I run a Tor relay on my Linux machine for all those Russians who want to talk about the latest p-killing.  The advantage of having a 'dark' Tor web site is that you don't need a static IP address, and you don't need to register a domain.  Right now, I'm running it stand-alone, since I worry about security.  Until there are millions of Tor relays, running one puts you 'On the List'.

I decided that the best thing to do was to run a wiki, maybe WikiDogea, or WikiQuakea, whatever.  That required some work.  First thing is to get Apache2 running, which is easy with Debian, just install it.  Then test it by going to localhost on your browser.

The mediawiki should be the same, but it isn't.  Installing mediawiki seems to give you nothing.  You have to dig up detailed instructions on getting mysql running, then the instructions on linking the mediawiki files under /var/www/html for the Apache connection.  Then you just go to localhost/mediawiki and you get to install it.

It works great.  A fun family project.  :)

Not so easy:  I did all this on my main Linux machine, but when I went to transfer my knowledge to my little Zotac, I stepped in the pig-pile.  Suffice to say I got it working, but I really went up in my Linux qualifications.  :)

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