Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Linux is better

Just came back from a local fancy medical office.  Like everybody, they run win7 but want to have full Internet, with on-line booking and everything.  Tough luck, they've been down 3 days, and their IT people are wallowing.

Just another sob story.  You can't keep the old cruft, and be out in the world.  Those guys will rip you to shreds with their outlook exploits.  They should take a lesson from this and go to Linux, but they won't, probably because their scheduling application (which probably caused this with a buffer overflow), is tied to the old stuff.

Take this as a warning, if you are like this, you will will be hit next.

Further thought:  20 years ago, I wanted out of the old company and become a sys admin (would have been Unix, though).  I'm just thinking of the conversation from above (same as Sony).  Dr. Big comes to me (he doesn't pay me full time) and says:  "I want all the Internet doodads that my nephew told me about."  I reply:  "You're a cheap bastard, and your miserable system can't take this."  Out the virtual door!

More:  For some reason, I am intensely aware of medical systems and they maintain security by being totally blind to intrusions (Monkey Method).  When the first intruder comes in, he actually tries to improve security so that others can't do it.  A big system failure like above comes when there are many intruders and they fight.  :)

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