Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Canadian Business

So, I had my day with my Designated Old Guy.  Everybody should adopt an old guy.  Anyway, we went to his favourite fancy restaurant, and we were beside the table of some businessmen.  Two of the guys were veterans of the energy fads, they just sold their big solar business, had been into waste energy, and now were into something new.  The third guy was a bag man or arranger for government grants.  The businessmen seemed to live off these grants and that's why they were into all this stuff.  They were negotiating for a minimal cut from the bagman.  My friend and I were fascinated, but once they got into details, we tuned out.  After all, we're old.

This is classic Canadian business.  It's what destroyed Blackberry, Nortel and SNC.  The new stuff is Kickstarter.  I just loved it!

ps. for any legal person, please be informed that I just had my snooze and have forgotten everything about this.  :)

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