Thursday, March 5, 2015

Calming Down

I've been on a frenetic tear lately.  I signed up on Disqus and have made snarky comments left and right.  This is not good for my serotonin.  I find when my snark index is way up, I have a tendency to be totally addicted to more and more nastiness.

Leave that to the stand-up comedians.  Also, when we get a good wash of mass stupidity, I get hyper.

So, rather than just disappear, as I have a tendency to do, I shall sit very firmly on my hands.

1.  Nothing can happen in OK that is any stupider  --- off my list.

2.  Radioactive waste never does anything.

3. I've done everything in Linux that my brain can handle right now.

4. The snow keeps coming.

I'm going back to painting the house.  That's lots of fun.....

Update:  I hate painting!

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