Saturday, February 21, 2015

Linux: Setting up a Tor Dark Site

I have a Tor relay set up on my main machine.  It just takes an encrypted stream in, munges the IP addresses, and throws it out.  Anything that you look up through a Tor browser, goes through 3 of these relays, and makes it impossible for Google to trace the IP.  Really, you are basically limited to a very few things, such as view text and graphics, because if you do anything else, like use Flash, it could blurt out your IP.  So really, this is just for basic communication.

I totally believe in "Freedom to Read".  Every few years I look at what is passing for porn these days, and if I wanted to research child porn, I would want to do it without the heavy hammer dropping.  Those that aid and abet that horrible industry must do so with money and influence, and that is easy to trap.

So, you nasty Internet snoopers, go set up traps, and stop fishing the whole thing.  Stop Harper and Big Mother.

I've now gone to the next level, which is a major target of snooping laws, and that is The Dark Site.  This is a web server with a bizarre address which nobody can search on.  It's in the form of 'blkslsj23llss.onion'.  I just rumbled my keyboard for that.  I managed to set up my own and I'm not telling anybody the name.  The NSA can burn a lot of carbon trying to find sites in that encrypted space.  I'm also turning it off and on.  Yeah!

For this I used my old media computer and put on the latest Debian.  I then installed apache2 and tor, configured as a client only.  The default web server goes to a sandboxed file, and is fairly secure.  They can only get at it through the tor client.  When you modify the Tor configuration to allow a hidden service, it generates your encrypted name, which you can then advertise through a Tor chat service.  They have to use a Tor browser, and type in that exact name.  Voilà, you'll see my text page, dedicated to my dog.

If you want to have input to the web server, you'll have to iron-clad it to something above my pay grade.  There are books on this, and it makes my brain hurt.  I am happy with what I did.

Further thoughts:  So you can see the problem here.  One British leader, trying to justify massive police powers, said that "There are dark sites out there that nobody knows about."   That's the point!  If nobody knows about it, then it doesn't exist.  So if I wanted to set up my dark site "Forbidden Dogs", and I wanted to subvert everyone, then I would have to advertise on Facebook.  Every NSA-type spook in the world would be on it, and it would be impossible to spread the word without revealing my identity.  My site would have to be the hardest in the world.  I just can't really do it.

Even further thoughts:  I tried looking around for dark sites.  All the links that several sites listed were gone or had the fbi sign.  Many listing sites expressly forbid anything they don't like.  I have decided that putting up a Tor site is a death sentence.  We need floating sites, such as something that exists in the bittorrent stream, and not on a physical server.

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