Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Global sea level rise

OMG, suddenly the Warmists have attacked Miami.

We do know that coastal sea level as defined by tide gauges jumps all over the place.

The US east coast has it's own problems, with isostatic rebound, passive continental margin sinking, and groundwater extraction.

Tectonics has a big role in sea levels.

It's not so huge.  Since sea level was always measured on passive coasts, it's been rising forever.  Satellite is only very recent.

So take a Chill Pill Mr. Warmist.  Relax on the beach.  :)  Both poles are now accumulating ice.  But wait!  Arctic ice is like a melting iceberg, or ice cube in the bathtub.  If the Greenland ice sheets melt as they do with every interglacial, the land pops up, and the ocean bottom goes down.  Really, I think this whole ice thing is rather hopeless for a scare story.

So let our interglacial play out, and enjoy Toronto being Florida.  Before that, however, we are due for a lot of ups and downs.  Enjoy Diversity!

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