Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cute M4.4 earthquake out West

Continuing my theme of classic earthquakes, I really like this one.

Classic thrust.

With a large felt area, which is unusual for the West.

I really like this earthquake, because it aligns perfectly with my imaginary extension of the large strike-slip fault that zooms along the side of Vancouver Island.  This is probably right at the end, so that's why it is thrust.  If you squint real hard you can see a break through the mountains.  :)  But right below this, all the volcanoes start.  This fault is my candidate for a destructive M8 before the Cascadia subduction zones gives a peep.

Since I don't live there, I just continue to put my usual desultory effort in looking at these things.

Note:  All my deep faults are imaginary if the us-gus doesn't want to look for them.

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