Monday, February 2, 2015

Another M4 earthquake in Oklahoma

I'm stuck in Montreal again, being the driver to the one I live off of.  Winter has really struck with a giant storm, and 40 below wind chill.  Good thing we're staying in the hotel.

I'm bored so I'm writing this on another M4, the latest in a big swarm of 4's.  This has a smaller felt area, so I'm guessing it's a medium depth thrust.  I'm not so excited about this northern zone, since it is a dog's breakfast of shear and thrust earthquakes.  Unless the faults consolidate, I'm almost willing to put a limit on it of M5.  This is unlike my beautiful monster zone near O-town, which could have easily put out an M7.  But I think they've moved the frack waste north, or at least I hope so.  Like Texas, they read my stuff, and do everything secretly.

Texas has a new Whack-a-mole zone opening up.  It's fun to guess how big this will get before they secretly stop it.

Update:  Second Texas mystery zone may have opened up in the Panhandle.  Need some more earthquakes to be sure.  They sure are sloomy boostards.  :)

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