Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Secret of Tender Octopus

So for years we'd go to a Greek restaurant and marvel at the tender octopus.  We'd ask them how they do it, and they would smile slyly, and say it's a secret.

So, began the Great Research.  Everybody had their own secret, like throwing the octopus at the wall, or soaking in lemon juice.  None of which worked for us.  We could only buy the cheap frozen octopus in tubes at the Chinese supermarket.  One of the Greek places let out that they buy 'special octopus', and some may have said it was giant octopus (can't remember).  I had visions of the whole restaurant struggling to put down the octopus as above.

Well, we have cracked it!  We used our new electric pressure cooker, and cooked it in a sauce under low pressure, following a recipe.  Unbelievably tender, and still the same cheap octopus.  No need to fight a giant one!

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