Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Oklahoma City's Doomsday Clock Resumes its Normal State of Disrepair

It has stopped ticking.  Such a beautiful mechanism and probably gone forever.  Either they have secretly shifted frack waste injection, or have started treating the water with silica.  The northern section is still active because nobody cares about damage up there.  But that area is such a mechanism mess, with several thrust-shear pairs, that it will probably never go boom.

Down in Texas, they have finally fingered "Zeke's Majuck Disposal" where I said it would be.  All those people can go back to their every-day state of torpor.

Update:  They just had an M3.8 well away from the city, with the weirdest intensity distribution.  I am clueless!

Whereas, the M4.0 right after it produced nothing.

So, the first one was a shallow oblique thrust, and the second a deep normal.  So nice to be able to talk about it without the thought of city destruction.  All those people up there work for the oil companies and don't care.  :)

Update again:  They are being hit by a swarm of 4's.  This is nothing like the swarm of 5's that I thought would hit the city.  All is well, then.

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