Thursday, January 1, 2015

Linux - Tails for Security

I'm running the Tor relay, and it's only done about 4G over a few days.  I just upped the bandwidth.  Having a relay really helps your local use of Tor.  I use it once in a while for boring things, just to keep up the noise cover.  Everybody should be doing this.

Lots of evil things go on, but they can be handled by normal police work since there is always money involved, and it is easy to penetrate.  Massive snooping is just lazy.  In fact, Tor just gives them a false sense of confidence so they can be snatched up a lot easier.  Look how the disgruntled Sony hacker is being exposed by IRC trails.  Should have used Tor!  But that might not have helped because you can link by writing style.  Reminds me of murderers getting caught when trying to hire a hitman, or the terrorists trying to hire an explosives expert.

You'll find when you use the Tor browser all the fancy flash, and other stuff is not available, since these apps just love to spit out your IP address.  So then you go to the next step, using Tails Linux at your local library or Internet cafe, or even a public hotspot.  You first get the dvd-rom version and burn it.  Then you load it on your old laptop, maybe using an external dvd drive, like I did.  This is a live version only so you can't permanently install it, which is good.  You use that live OS to properly install a usb disk with a storage partition.  Excellent!

Now you run off the usb, and all your bookmarks and such are saved.  Ms. Sony-former-IT-lady extracts her revenge by looking for a hacker-hitman at a public spot.  Tails even comes with a Windows camouflage, in order to look like the average idiot.  :)

Now you are golden.  The totally traceable Bitcoin payment is made, and it's off to the races.  Nobody will ever figure out you did it, especially the ding-dong FBI.  :)

Update:  New Canadian copyright law now makes ISP's send a polite notice to customers that they are violating copyright.  How can they do this?  Deep packet inspection, and fishing on a grand scale.  Linux bittorrent is totally encrypted, and that's how I downloaded the Tails OS.  Nobody can penetrate that.  Although bittorrent on Linux is totally secure, downloading the torrents isn't, so that's when I use Tails and such.  For Windows users, the lawyers could just break in and look.  I'm pretty sure that's how they did it before, for their lawsuits and especially this Hort Lucker thing.  :)

Update2:  You can enable persistence on the usb, giving you 5G of encrypted memory. Even if the library police snatch your usb, they can't find anything.  :)  And you can watch youtube on Tails, using the Tor browser.

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