Friday, January 9, 2015

Linux - 3.18.2 running well

I always wait for the ".1" versions, and then I'm real happy with the ".2".  I usually don't bother with higher updates, unless they go to 7 or 8.  Then you know something is really wrong!

I'm running a Tor exit relay, so you know the Big Guys will try to bust in.  They already tried with a top-class phishing attempt on my credit card.  Too bad suckers!  If you want to try this at home kiddies, run Linux, Openwrt router, and have gmail.  As well, get an unlimited account from Bell.

If we have a million Tor relays out there, it diminishes the attacks.  The poor Saudis can access Facebook without flogging.  Maybe.  I wouldn't trust that Mr. Z with a stick.

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