Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Irving earthquakes engage the thrust mechanism

They just had an M3.5 that reached a wide Intensity 4.  That's a good shallow thrust, and the earthquakes are lining up on the NW line, now that they got some instruments in.

No predictions, but I think they will have pull off an Azle* soon.  Next one knocks things off the shelves.

*secretly shutting down the injection of fracking waste.

Update:  Followed quickly by an M3.6.  Gather in the back room, boys!

Update2:  Definitely shallow thrust.  "It was harder than normal and lasted a little bit longer and rumbled, like everything…the walls, the floor, it shook,” said Tinner. "I want to know what's the cause of it. What's going on? Why's this happening? It shouldn't be happening here."

Update3:  Actually explosive noises.  I've waiting for legitimate report from OK for a long time.  “All of a sudden you hear a 'boom.' That's why we thought somebody hit the building. And then everything started shaking,” said Melissa Lockard, who works in Irving.

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