Thursday, January 15, 2015

Amazon -- All is Forgiven

I was pretty nasty with Amazon the other day, when they screwed up a delivery estimate.  But all my recent deliveries have been next day.  But, they are so terrified of me that they put in long estimates.  :)

Walmart doesn't have a chance, and I'd just rather go to the store for something quick.

**Truth in blogging.  For some reason Amazon gave me a Prime membership for free.  I don't even think they know about it, so don't mention it to them, please?  But if they ever took it back, boy there would be some blistering heat!

Update:  Target has left the building.  Amazon killed them.  :)

Update2:  Shopping Profile (just so Google doesn't have to work so hard)

Most food, clothes, big ticket items and impulse buys - Costco stores

Hardware and paint - Home Depot

Tiny stuff - Walmart

Misc. stuff - Costco online.

Ethnic food - local Chinese supermarket

Entertainment and junk - Amazon

Trends:  Amazon is picking up more stuff from Costco and Walmart.  I'm beginning to just do comparisons within Amazon, so they can sneak up their margins.  I only buy Prime.

Ads and flyers - We ignore all of them unless Metro has a special on prime rib.  :)  Amazon keeps hitting me with Internet ads on stuff I was looking at, so I clean out my cookies a lot.

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