Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Powerful thrusts hit Oklahoma (earthquakes)

M3.6  with a ridiculous intensity map for this size of earthquake.

I'm quite sad that the USGS isn't producing the fault plane solutions.  The 6 may be out of line, but there are a lot of 4's.  Normally a 3.6 is weak.  Some of these higher intensities may be a result of previous weakening.

If these are thrusts along what I have identified as a main thrust fault, then this is just the beginning.  We've already had a few of these quite a while ago.  I've been expecting lots of M5 thrusts for almost a year now, but I'd settle for M4.5.  :)

A big Christmas present for those injecting, since there will be a drop in pressure, and the commensurate increase in volume.  An M5 thrust will affect the whole organism.

Update:  After bugging the usgs forever, I have come to the conclusion that the recent shallow thrust M4.2 can't have a fault plane solution, probably because there are not enough distant stations.  We'll wait for the big ones, then.

Update2:  M4.0 in an isolated area up north.  Probably strike-slip.  No felt responses yet.  Down to 3.7, and must have been really deep, since practically nobody felt it.

Update3:  Interesting that a weak M4, normal strike-slip gets a solution right away, but the shallow thrust never did.

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