Sunday, December 14, 2014

Organic Sprouts

It's amazing the technology in this now.  I got cheap Chinese LED grow lights that just give the reds and blues, and whatever to produce great m-buds.  But it works great for sprouts.  These are pea sprouts, and when they get 6" high you cut them.  I'm also getting a grow tent for shelves which has a Mylar lining.

For the sake of Mr. Harpering, I have written this as the 'cover' for all this equipment.  Just like bittorrent is used for software updates, all this grow equipment is used for legitimate organic sprouts.  :)

For organic farming, in general, I have this question:  "Where are you getting your nitrogen?".  There are no happy ways for this.  But with legumes, they fix their own nitrogen, and everything comes packed into the pea.  We just assume that the source is organic, with with seeds, you just don't want them treated with pesticides and such, so you source 'organic'.

Outside, in a cold Canadian Spring, I don't have any luck with organic seeds.  Soak them in whatever, you wouldn't be able to detect it in the final product with a mass spectrometer.

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