Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lunch with the old gang

It's been a year since we had lunch together, the old gang from the old company which shall always remain nameless.  I never laughed so hard since the last time, since things are 10 times worse.  Nearly all the old guys I knew will never retire, so you have a bunch of 70 year-olds doing engineering analysis the same way they did it 50 years ago.  I love it!

As well, I published a long time ago that they could never do a Dar---ton refurb with the same seismic assumptions from 40 years ago.  Well, they are doing that, but 30% more.  The smart money is on the toilet.  :)

That's all I'll leak out, the other stuff is much worse.  I'll laugh for a long time.

Further fun:  Apparently the big guy from Bruce has bought a house near a certain refurb and new nuclear plant site.  He was successful in getting twice the rate for Bruce, and if he can get 4 times the rate on Lake Ontario, then we may see something new, all owned by pipelines and pension funds.  So, all you hot speculators, drive up the house prices way east of Toronto.  :)

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