Saturday, December 27, 2014

Linux - Tor

I went through the whole Tor thing, as outlined in the Register.

I installed Tails on usb disk.  I think I am now running a Tor relay, but it's difficult to prove.  The network looks active.  I used some of the default bandwidths, and I'm happy I have unlimited on my Bell plan.  I'll see if it interferes with the spoose's MS Skipey thing, whatever the company uses.  I know that doing a full download mucks up the Bell connection.

Using Tor and a Tor relay adds great confusion to the NSA, since encrypted connections become commonplace.  If the boring people don't use it for boring stuff, then those that use it are flagged.  I hope it gives Bell's hopes for deep packet searching conniption fits.

Update:  None of this works well with your mobile phone, since these things are designed to leak information all over the place.  We'll have to wait for Linux phones.  :)

Update2:  The Tor relay takes a while to validate.  There was a recent attack on Tor, and this feature saved them.

Update3:  Now running full blast with 33 circuits open.  Take that, poutine!

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