Thursday, December 4, 2014

GM and others flee Ontario

In the news today, the US car companies won't even take Ontario bribes.  There is no investment coming in, and they are easing themselves out.

It's totally the unions.  Used to the worst unions were in Michigan, and the companies escaped to Ontario.  Now Michigan has gone anti-union and the investment is flooding back.  As my union buddy once told me, the difference in union wages is insignificant on a the price of a car, so why the big fuss?

It has to with the whole corruption of a union shop, since unions are true monopolies and there is no restriction on their behaviour.  My friends on the assembly line told me the union forced management to make the cafeteria the same auto union, and from then on the food was terrible.

With great painful experience I can tell you that no bright engineer can survive in a union shop.  It's not the wages, it's all the rules, regulations, and stultifying management.  The horrible management is a defensive response to all the grievances, arbitrations and such.  Nothing intelligent can get done in such a place.

Gross stupidity does not make the workers any happier.  I was told of a wiring station on the assembly line that was nearly impossible for a human.  An extremely bright person could have one look at it and fix it.  But that wasn't going to happen, since productivity is seen as a job threat.

Don't forget that the top 10% of bright people are ten times more productive than the middle bunch.  If you, as an industry, can't attract them, then you are doomed.  And bad food drives everybody away.  :)

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