Monday, September 8, 2014

Earthquakes Work Their Way to Wichita, Kansas

Poor Kansas, like a deer in the headlights.

They are just experiencing the stress disturbance zone, of the OK Mechanism #2.  Since nobody in the US knows what is happening geologically in the next state, they are at a loss.  Nobody in the world has such severe Geological Balkanization.  This was an M3.9, and since they have no seismometers there, we have no focal solution.  Most likely a strike-slip.

If they are actually injecting there, we can get Mechanism #3.  I recommend that every fly-by-night injection outfit start drilling on these trends.  100% chance of success, but you better make back all your money in two years, when you can just abandon the drill hole empty and leave it to the taxpayers to clean up.  :)

Update:  Quickly slashed to a fire-sale 3.1.  Both of these earthquakes have the highest discount I've seen in a while.

Update2:  Another M3.5, perhaps just a flurry of little quakes.  -- I am a line-earthquake for the county ......

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