Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Yeah, I entered something for the Bruce review

The following papers should entered into the review.


Deep structure beneath Lake Ontario: crustal-scale Grenville subdivisions


A seismic-based cross-section of the Grenville Orogen in southern Ontario and western Quebec


Seismic images of a tectonic subdivision of the Grenville Orogen beneath lakes Ontario and Erie

I have been somewhat alarmed that there has been no study of the Precambrian beneath the proposed site.  As we know from the Oklahoma earthquakes, this is the zone that generates earthquakes, and it's complexity also reflects on deep karst features of the site.

I emailed the above.  Probably didn't follow a thousand rules, and they'll reject it.  Maybe somebody else could take it up.


I just submitted the following as well:

I suggest the following trigger for the safety case.

--Collapse or significant water inflow.

I believe that the safety case for the shaft is based on stable, tight rock.  Excavation problems merit review.

I also suggest the following triggers for the environmental case.

--significant pumping - one million litres

The environmental case is based on the near-stasis of the deep rock water.  It is the equivalent of drain cleaner.  No provisions have been made for the storage or disposal of this water.  As well, the pumping disturbs the groundwater.

--significant grout injection - one million litres

Past excavation experience in the area suggests a 100% chance of pumping and grout.

Another update:

Actually, I should have included the famous USGS Oklahoma paper.


But since I don't expect to hear from them, all is well....

Aug 13 - still no contact.

Aug 15 - nope
Nice link  - OPG profits from screwing up Bruce

Yeah, I'm on it.

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