Thursday, August 21, 2014

Put away development plans for the North Pole


It would be great, a giant floating platform at the tropical North Pole.  In the summer you could party to continuous sunlight.  In the mild winter, you would be entertained by the Northern Lights.  Forget it!  As further proof that those climate guys were fooled by the Tricksy Binomial Theorem, the Arctic Ice Volume is clawing back.

This is the compensation for my cold summer, the knowledge that my freezing lake water also means happiness for Polar Bears.  --yuck.  

*The Tricksy Binomial Theorem

This always gets people who can't do math.  Basically, if you have a parameter that is the result of many variable inputs, you'll plot it and get a nice wavy line.  That is like the stock market or global temperatures.  It is also very important in manufacturing.  That is why you want 6 Sigma, which means you want this historic chatter to be several times below tolerance.  Binomial Theorem practically predicts that you will get an 'Unprecedented Excursion' that will be 3 times over chatter.  The worst thing you can do in manufacturing is try to over-steer this, because you make it worse.  That is what climate philosophers forced Europe to do.

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