Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hey, That's My Fish!!

I came back from the cottage for a day, and my fishing-fanatic neighbour snuck over to my dock, and gloatingly sent me this picture. (sans burglar mask, which I added).

That's one of my monster dock fish, which I carefully cultivate.  The other day that guy played with me for 10 minutes, since every day I spend exactly 10 minutes fishing off the dock with exactly one worm, small hook, and very small Walmart fishing rod.  It was a great fight, and my daughter almost got him with my net, but flinched at the last second, afraid to get fish-slapped in the face.  Daughters!  Then the fish opened his mouth and let go.  My tiny hook couldn't penetrate anything in that huge mouth.

So, Mr. Professional Fisher went in with a real hook, and got it.

Of course, when he's away, I go over to his dock.  He's got Pickerel there....

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