Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Canadians - Prepare for Winter

Ok, you've had a few days here and there.  It was actually warm enough to go out in shorts for the day.  Now comes our normal weather.  Forget Global Warming, that was just a statistical anomaly.  Sure, we had a warm spell for 16 years instead of our normal 5-10 years, but that's the thing with Binomial Theorem.  Look how the Vikings were fooled with Greenland!

I sure hope you didn't decide to plant a wine vineyard up north.  Now, that would be too much.  The ocean currents have reversed, and the gentle Trade Winds have shrunk to a trickle.  It's Mr. Arctic Vortex for you!

I'm getting ready.  I already had all my upper windows replaced, and now I'm doing the basement, with a new back door.  The old stuff was from 1967 when gasoline was 10 cents a litre.  Lucky for us, earthquakes in Oklahoma are keeping down the natural gas prices.  When that whole place gets devastated by M6's and 7's, expect a price rise, and everybody goes to propane fracking.

New windows make a huge difference, and you don't need a humidifier any more.  This time I decided to go with a quality contractor, Peter and Greg Walker.  It might be a little bit more than a sleazy sub-contractor, but it is soooo pleasant!  For the new house down the road, the owner decided to be his own contractor, and the thing is a half-finished abandoned hulk.  If you aren't part of the Local Maffi, don't do this!

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