Monday, August 11, 2014

Bruce Ugly Deep Thing Hearings


Additional hearing days have been piled on.  Those guys are making money!  This one is very specific so that US Senators who just want to bitch are being left out.

I am drawn to a certain item.

2. Updates to the geoscientific verification plan:
• Details (geologic and geotechnical) concerning specific methods, timing, 
and sequencing of sampling; and
• Triggers for changes to engineering design and benchmarks for verification 
of the safety case.

Here is time to hammer them Mr. Senator.  Specifically their sampling is so narrow as to defy belief.  Who has brought up the fact they are on the dang Grenville Front?

My big hope is to introduce triggers with regard to pumping and grout.  Specifically, if they exceed one million gallons of either, the whole plan is shit.  Since they live under the illusion that the excavation will be a piece of cake you should be able to slip this one under the radar.  How about more than 5 people killed?  If they they think that grout will hold back that water while they blast, well .... actually they have no clue.

However, I expect this whole thing to be a snoozer and I'll be just looking for some choice quotes.

When the whole thing gets going, I expect millions of gallons of salt water going into the lake, millions of gallons of grout, and casualties.  They will stop when too many people get killed.

When we did the tunnels we pumped all that rock water into the lake.  It's nasty stuff, pure drain cleaner.  And we pumped in trainloads of grout.  They were were very shallow tunnels so the water pressures were about a tenth of what is expected here.  Even so, we couldn't hold back the water and pumped like the dickens.


It is obvious that I am a coward who only wants to egg people on.  :)  For legal purposes, I totally believe everything that everybody says.  GO OPG!  GO ONTARIO POLITICIANS!  You are so smart.

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