Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another typhoon starts spinning towards Hawaii

I am sooo buying all the summer stuff on clearance, since we didn't have a summer.  Soon I'll be in a fancy resort in Maui, with my new linen pants, which were $20 from $80.  Today, it's frickin' freezing!

Looking at the trade winds, we can see how the broad section off Mexico has just spun something that could be a typhoon.  Apparently, these things don't get over the mountains, so I should be fine.  I've done the twisty road on the wet side, and that's best done once.

Usually, the Atlantic side should get wider by now.  However, my thoughts lean towards major oscillations of this stream, which gives us our warm and cold decades.  The cycle time is probably determined by ocean currents, which can at least go from 10 years to thousands.

Update - looks like it's getting cut to pieces. :)

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