Monday, May 5, 2014

USGS ups the seismic hazard in Oklahoma, stopping at M5


I was beginning to lose faith in myself this past week, because the seismic activity has really tapered off.  :)

As you know, I had been expecting an M5 here soon, especially after that week of M4's.  Now everything is sleeping again.  The USGS has dipped its toe in the water, by declaring an uptick in the seismic hazard.  They won't say by how much, nor will they kill the golden goose that is shitting these earthquakes (guess the cause!).

I really want some high M4's with fault mechanisms so I can gloat again.  But it looks like I'll be taking the summer off.  :(  It it entirely possible they are shifting out the corrosive fluids from the main zone (a la Azle, Texas), or that the whole thing comes to some equilibrium and freezes.  I give that little chance, however, but it does occupy my mind....

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