Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Europe goes back


Now, wonder no more about why I make fun of Europe in the technical and science areas.  First, Italy seismologists, now this.  This translates as the 'Right to Rewrite History'.  Basically, newspapers won't whitewash their archives, so it's up to Google to do it.  The silliness can go to endless depths, for example, will G be banned from publishing what it is purging.  If it could publish, then I would set up 'SuperGoogle', with all those links (not really me, come on!).

Then it won't be able to publish that it's not publishing.  So neat!  Like China, Google will have to leave Europe, which makes all those Protectionist Ludites perfect happy in their old houses and tax shelters.  :)  I can't wait until Conrad Black sinks his teeth into this one!

 ps.  I just had to reproduce this from my g+ post, since I'm feeling so good that I got my replacement Nexus 4 battery directly from China for only 12 bucks, which is like a quarter of finding it anywhere else.  Couldn't do this in Europe.  They probably got stone walls around the whole place!  The rest of the world looks like a threat.  :)

pps.  Of course, if anybody from Europe could do this whole web thing, I'd be happy to be proven wrong by their brilliance....

ppps.  In the news, all of Europe is rejoicing this decision, and eager to pile coals on the roast pig of American Imperialism.  They are all calling on more censorship and regulation.  Has the Internet got a surprise for them!

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