Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bell's Dirty Little Secret

I've totally researched this 'sync no surf' bug, and it's driving me nuts.  I've got the torrents tamed down to a few connections, and now it never activates it.  But I have no control over MS IP phone calling which the spoose has to use for work.  Basically, the modem barfs when it has connections and it hits congestion up the line.  You have to power cycle it.

I first hit this when I got an Ooma ip phone from Costco.  It worked great for a while, then it always hung up.  Nasty, and I took it back.  Then, I had the torrent working great for a while, then it burned.  Once, I had Bell switch me to a different channel and it worked for a while.  But now that I just use the Sagemcom modem as a bridge, it becomes impossible to get through the robots on the help desk.

Further research show that lots of people have this problem, and it is basically unresolvable through Bell.  The best hope people have is that Bell will upgrade the infrastructure, so that it will go away.  I've noticed down the road, they have a huge underground fiber vault set up, and there are always 3-5 Bell trucks set up there.

Update:  Yeah, I put this to the CRTC since I think it is a monopoly thing, blocking ip phones.

Up2:  Did a full test yesterday, and it was good.  Just means that I've been put into an empty channel again.

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