Friday, April 11, 2014

Sell OPG Nuclear to Bruce


Oh, I am so for that!  When they split all the engineers to the 3 sites, all the old ones went to Pickering, brain  dead middle people went to Darlington, and the poor unfortunate young ones all were shipped way off to Bruce.  Those that survived became the smartest of the bunch.

Bruce is unbelievably sneaky, which is what you want.  When they wanted to prop up AECL, they came up with all the phoney  plant proposals.  They whined and screamed until they got a sweetheart power deal.  Now they can do the same for Darlington and Pickering!


Gus83 said...

Quick wins! We won't be around to worry about the consequences! It will keep the taxes lower on my large income. Just give me enough time to secure my pension.

Echo Generation:
We aren't represented, we have no political power, we are doomed to inherit massive debts of our parents.

Sir Adam Beck:
Spins in grave.

Harold Asmis said...

Ha, no diff to my pension.

It's like selling your house to Conrad, and renting it.