Thursday, April 17, 2014

OPG takes its nuclear expertise outside


“We encouraged OPG to explore new business lines and opportunities to the benefit of all Ontarians,” he said.

The old company did this once before, I think it was called 'International Ventures', or some such thing.  They were a very high-flying group with a nice building in Oakville.  We all desperately wanted to go there.

It died in some sort of internal Stalinesque power struggle.  I'm glad they started it up again, to give a path to the extremely ambitious.  OPG may have to hire more brainpower to staff this and Darlington, and this puts some upward pressure on wages.

There, see?  Not a speck of negative energy!  This is the new me.   :)


Gus83 said...

I'll step in for you...

Interesting! The auditor's report said they were understaffed in "technical/engineering/specialists", so how do they intend to support this?

Must be the same way solar power works. Sell what you have for 85c/kwh (OPG Specialists) to the grid, and buy the cheap stuff back from the grid at 10c/kwh (Contractors) with the province picking up the difference! (Fixing the poor quality work)

Harold Asmis said...

Just slip that little wire to the solar cell! Who needs sunshine?