Saturday, March 22, 2014

Back from the mountains to OK earthquakes

I was out visiting beautiful Lake Louise, first real vacation since both the kids and the old company left my life.  Mostly I hang around the cottage, but the sister convinced us to go.

Being surrounded by such tectonic beauty, it is easy to forget the sad Okies, but they got an M4 while I was away, pure strike-slip, or shear.

It was on the shear zone, but part of a huge mess of earthquakes.

Since it was shear, it was not later downgraded.  I am still waiting for the bigger quakes.


Andrew Zolnai said...

You're a geophysicist interested in earthquakes mid-continents, I wonder what you thought of my post that suggests a possible reason why we get them more in unexpected places?

Harold Asmis said...

Actually, 30 years ago, I was heavily into Chandler Wobble. I concluded that any induced stresses from that were below earth tides, and other influences. More people get killed now because of population growth, and there is always that injection thing...