Friday, February 7, 2014

More stuff from the Bruce Black Hole


I am totally happy with this historic drama.  In this episode, the Panel asks a mindless question for more information on geology, and shaft sinking.  They must do this in order to appear to be working, since these people are worried about the whole Senate thing.

As usual, the other guy responds in an oblique manner.  But, here, for the very first time, they lay out their expectations for the shaft.  They only expect a dribble of water in the shaft, and will dump an infinite amount of grout to achieve this.  After each blast, they expect a nice open pit to send geologists down into.  They will only use a very thin, unreinforced liner, since it will be draining this dribble of water.

Both shafts will be sunk at the same time.

Had they been constructing at Wesleyville, this would be a good scenario.  They would use almost no grout and have no seepage.  I applaud their ability to transfer this scenario to Bruce.

Addition:  After Niagara, any tunnel contractor would give their eye teeth to land this job.  Extras City!  I can imagine the court case now:  "But, we believed your public documents!"

Addition2:  This dream is brought to you by the authors, like conquering Russia.  Unlike those other guys, there is no downside to this quest.  Anyone who uttered "But, Boss!", was quickly eliminated.  Their banner will be emblazoned with the famous Liberal quote:  "It's worth it at any cost!".  But the billions spent sinking impossible shafts will be quickly dwarfed by the nuclear refurb, that is using the wrong seismic basis.  :)   (God, sometimes I wish somebody read this....)

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they don't just add it to fracking fluids.. :-/