Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Injection and fracking stopped due to cold


Poopies!  There will be no interesting business here or over in Bizarre Geophysics.  When I predicted my M5 for Oklahoma, I had no idea that cold weather was important.  Still, I can't cry over spilt predictions.  :(

I'm now beginning to think there is a difference between standard brine from existing oil wells, and fracking water.  Most likely the brine resembles the existing water in the Precambrian fractures, and thus should not cause stress corrosion.  The fracking water is not in chemical equilibrium with silica and eats at the quartz adhesion points.  If the fractures are as open as I think they are, then water pressure would not be important.

So, good people of Texas and OK, relax by the fire, and your giant brick chimney, nothing is going to happen for a while.

Here is the link for the cushy seismologist job.  They have tons of applicants.  One report says they hired someone from California already, but the vacancy is still open.  A Callie Fault Hunter in this territory?  Should be fun.

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