Friday, November 22, 2013

Nexus 4 doesn't like KitKat

I always check my power level, and today it was suddenly drained.  Doesn't even register that it is charging when I plugged it in.  Good thing I don't really depend on any phone, since I'm retired and nobody but spammers call me.  :)   I'm sure they'll fix this, but I hope the phone is in a condition to receive the fix.  :(

My old Nexus 7 got the update, and so far it is holding.

Update:  I'm thinking now that the battery may have been drained by a flurry of updates.  It seems to have settled down now, and is charging normally.  My advice is to keep it plugged in a lot after the update.

Update2:  It is still weird.  Today it refused to turn on by pressing the button.  I had to do a power - vol down thing to restart it.  The battery was at 56%

Update3:  I just did the factory reset which they now recommend.  Many people have had problems and this apparently fixes everything.

Update4:  This has cleared all problems and the battery life is good now.


Gus83 said...

I flashed the factory image rather than the update. Android police has a good walkthrough of how to push the image and avoid data wipe. Be careful if you try because you may wipe all data.

Harold Asmis said...

Mine was OTA and was doing some weird things like rebooting after the pattern, etc. It has totally settled down now, maybe Google snuck in something later without telling anyone. :)

Gus83 said...

Mine has been running well with little change in battery. It did start to use more battery when I switched to the Google Experience Launcher that was designed for Nexus 5.