Friday, September 20, 2013

Week 1 of Bruce nuclear waste hearings - all political

The hearings are hostile to anything technical.  It's a legal thing, so credentials are all important, and you won't find anybody with credentials drinking beer at the Legion.

I'll keep looking for anything funny.  My biggest hope is that somebody will raise the issue of grout and pumping.  For all previous rock work there, they used trainloads of grout, and pumped a huge amount of rock water back into the lake.  Obviously you can't do this now, since this is a billion times worse than dumping your fracking water in the local creek.  They will have to re-inject this water and cause earthquakes.

So it all hinges on their misuse of the word 'stable'.  Their definition is like a stagnant pond in Africa.  Still, beautiful and undisturbed, until an elephant jumps into it.  And excavating this thing is an elephant!

The proper definition of stable is that of a pond frozen solid, and the polar bear bounces off it.  In other words, it can take a hit.

Like I've said before, I don't worry about this thing because they won't be able to get down 50 feet.  It's like when Bruce said they were going to put a nuclear plant on Lake Erie.  I said to my worried friends not to worry because the lake virtually freezes solid.  They mentioned that to the pushers, and they spun a song and dance on how they don't need water.  Everybody lies when big money is involved.

And never think that sedimentary rock will be a site for used fuel.  That stuff puts out heat, and can only be in granite.  I spent years analyzing and designing these things, and I know my reference design.  We'll all have fun later when they try to put The Big One into shitty rock.

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