Friday, September 13, 2013

Solar panels, earthquakes, fire, tornadoes


Now that nobody wants wind power, it is time to work on solar panels.  As you know, they are paying people to chop the wings off their windmills.  Wind only blows when nobody wants the power.  We in Ontario know that a sunny summer is rare, normally it is very hazy and hot, with lots of thunderstorms.

Okay, so what is wrong with this picture?  A very shitty house has had its roof load doubled, adding extra wind, and snow loads.  Would I approve this as an engineer?  Even if I was the guy with the Elliot Lake mall?  :)

All of these ridiculous solar installations are probably the result of a silly government program.  Soon they will be paying people to take these things down.  In the event of an earthquake, this asymmetrical load is coming down on the bedroom.  Good luck people!

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Gus83 said...

It's Part 9... the idea was probably drawn on the back of the contract and handed into the building department and every contractor and their brother has repeated it since.