Friday, September 13, 2013

Linux - the latest in 1080p videos

My machine for the big screen is a tiny Zotac, running XBMC.  The max it does is 720p, which is virtually 'retina' for a living room setting.  Monster screens need full 1080p, but don't put them in a small room if you have old eyes like mine, and never sat in the very front of a movie theatre.

But my camera does 1080p, and so do the 'other sources'.  In fact, I now only use 1080p for the 'others'.  The latest thing is ultra-compression which puts these things under 2 gigs.  I find that amazing.  My little machine can't de-compress and downscale on the fly, so I pre-digest these things with Handbrake.

I use the Apple2 setting which is 720p.  If you work from the high-res, I find it much better than using a direct 720p.  The new compression must add highlights when working from higher resolution.  The result is fantastic, and is probably the best I can ever get.

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