Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Linux and VCR capture

This wasn't that difficult.  The hard part was in picking the right capture clone.  I used to have a capture card, and that was difficult to get working.  But old cards don't work with new machines, so I went the USB route.  I eventually got a Sabrent USB-AVCPT USB 2.0 which was $25 on Amazon.  The STK1160 driver picked it up immediately, but you have to use the latest kernel for best results.  The driver says that the audio is fully working, and it all appeared perfectly in ALSA, but I couldn't get it working.  I didn't try that hard, since it is easier just to plug in the audio leads right into your built-in sound card.

I used VLC since you have a lot of filters to improve saturation, sound, etc.  Just play the vcr, and record the parts you want.  This produces a huge file, but can be reduced by over a factor of 10 by using Handbrake.

Youtube put on their shaky filter.  This was done by the kids in 1999.

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