Thursday, September 19, 2013

I need a dog

As you know, Cindy died on the weekend.  I am now in Stage Two of doggie-grief.  The first stage is denial of a need for a dog, since nothing could replace the last dog.  This stage is just depression.

The women want a cute mutt puppy, but these are getting impossible to get in Toronto, since that whole neuter campaign must be working.  I would be happy with a young mutt that won't go over 40 pounds, since I have a medium dog door.  :)

If you have a handle on puppies please let me know.  I estimate that the anti-depressant effect of a dog is equal to 100 mg/day of Trazodone, and I'm suffering.


Gus83 said...

My inlaws got a Havanese over a year ago. It's a 20 lb dog with good temperment and loves to swim so much he goes off by himself into the water at their cottage. It's crossbreed of 2 dogs but has been around for a couple hundred years so its been given it's own breed. It loves people and follows you around wherever you go like a lost pup especially when no one else is around; this can be a pain when you want your space but good if you're feeling a little lonely. We have trained it the basics, but other than that its dumb as rocks!

Peter said... is a good resource, many shelters in the GTA use it and you can search for specific breeds or for adult/juveniles

Peter said...

And my sympathies on the loss of your Cindy

Harold Asmis said...

We're on track to get a near-identical farm dog puppy! Yeah!