Thursday, August 8, 2013

Oklahoma earthquake M3.3

It's against all my known physics of earthquakes that they stay at exactly M3 all the time.  This is edging up there, so perhaps I'll get my M4 after all.


Kerry Enger said...

I lived in Oklahoma from 97-10 in Stillwater then Norman. I worked in the oilfield. What's been going on down there with all the earthquakes? They started shortly after we started massive cracking operations in the Barnett Shale in western OK and TX. How are you getting your data? What else can you tell me about strengthening ok earthquakes? Thank you.

Harold Asmis said...

I've written about it a lot. The earthquakes come from injecting oil wastewater into the Precambrian. This triggered an M5.6 earthquake a while ago, but is only triggering M3 earthquakes around Ok city. In nearly all other cases, the earthquakes get bigger as you continue injection.