Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cottage Report - Frickin' Freezin'

Canada has returned to its classic 2 seasons - Winter and one week in July.  That week is over folks, and I'm sitting up here on the deck looking at whitecaps.  All the fish have gone, too -- blah.   Could you all just breathe a little harder?

I came up to do more work on the deck.  It has some rotten sections that need to be dug out and replaced.  Since I have my sore back, and I'm basically as lazy as the dog, it takes time.  :)

While I'm up here I'm thinking of all those ads by the monopolies to extend their monopoly in wireless.  You know where they are getting that money - from the milking of the landlines.  They had to reach down in their organizations and terrify somebody into reciting the lines the PR guys wrote.  They sure as hell could never have found a normal person!  We have to assume that Justin supports the monopolies since he doesn't say anything -- too bad, I really want to vote for him.

The price of wireless data didn't come down until the piddly upstarts came in.  They were destroyed by deep monopoly war chests.  Is a US company any worse than our own Conrads?

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