Friday, July 12, 2013

Toronto electricity forever hanging by a thread

So, all you people in your 70 story condos.  Was it getting a little warm climbing up those stairs?  Or are you like one person, 35 floors up, barely outside the power loss zone, saying "Hah, Hah, what storm?"  Does he ignore something?

Our power is hanging by a thread even when Manby station is finally pumped out.  So here is my prediction:

Our M5.5 earthquake, at 1 in 100 (maybe 1 in 200), will produce a massive power outage for all the condos for a long time.  Why, because all the old shit will break, and we have no reserve.  Perhaps we could have had a gas power station in Oakville, but nope.

All our nuclear stations will shut down.  And that sucks, because it takes full power from the grid to start one up.  Catch 22.

Of course, with our 1 in 1000 earthquake, which we should be prepared for, we won't worry about a blackout.  (black humour).  :)

So, we ignore 1 in 70 floods, and 1 in 100 earthquakes, and when it happens, everybody goes "La La!".

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