Friday, June 28, 2013

Two nuclear bids hit the table


The choice has been laid down:  Two jammed AP1000's on the Darlington postage stamp land, or two corrupt-SNC hamster wheels.

I think they can jam at least 2 AP1000's on the site, but we really need 4 as we could get on the Wesleyville site.  Of course we can expect cost overruns since there are too many cooks for this broth.

Now that the soap-bubble dream of putting windmills everywhere has busted, we might be getting down to business.  This might pick up my seismic business, since the old seismic for Darlington is hopeless, but it depends on whether the regulators become less toadyish under Trudeau.  :)

I really think we can do this if we poach a lot of American and Chinese engineers.  The existing staff has been worn down by 20 years of doing nothing.

Update:  In order to protect myself legally, I should clarify that the stacked adjective 'corrupt' refers only to hamster wheels which were born into corruption, by their promiscuous squeaking.  Historically, this squeaking has been thrown around everywhere, even to various officials.  Of course, the brand new hamster wheel now claims to have a Teflon coating, and doesn't squeak any more.  Nobody, however, is sure of the quality control, and there may be some hidden squeaking yet to be exposed.


Gus83 said...

Not sure about China/USA... I'm sure the resurrection of "Holiday Ranch" will bring plenty of retired boomers out from the woodwork. None will resist the sweet nectar of $4k+ clear a week for six easy 12s in the energy sector for being "experienced". All the while their kids will make minimum wage hoping for one of them to drop so they can get a golden handcuff job clearing $1k a week.

Would you go back and consult as a specialist for over $200k/yr?

Harold Asmis said...

Yeah,I'm at the cottage.I got an're grouchy today.