Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Toronto runs out of phone numbers

New area code coming next week, but we have run out of new numbers now.  Not quite the Calgary floods, but still.....

I just got an ip phone setup from Costco.  Only $4 a month for basic, and I got a 647 number two days ago.  The service is so good, I signed up for Premium, and wanted a second 647 number -- All Gone!  I couldn't believe it!  I escalated their support right up,and confirmed it.

I really wanted to transfer my Bell landline, but it is tied up with my Internet, and it looks like they'll charge me just as much extra for a dry loop, as a landline, what with all those bundling discounts.  Thus, I'll let my landline die, with no long distance charges.  I'll hook it to a phone that doesn't ring.

This ip phone is great with the Fibe speeds.  Some people might have problems with slow crappy internet.

I still can't believe that this company (ooma.com) is out of business for the Toronto area until next week.  Maybe I should tell somebody about it.....

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